10 Suggestions For Parents Who Have Considered Taking Their Children to Nebraska to Drop Them Off

What this highlights, is the need for families to have sufficient and appropriate services and support when they have difficulty with one or more of their children. The more frequent, difficult and complex the child’s problems are, the more likely that the youth will come to the attention of a public agency. more..Nebraska Behavioral Health

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In times of severe budget cuts, agencies often do not have the funds necessary to provide adequate services for high need youth and their families. Everyone from the youth to the family, to the youth-serving agency become frustrated because they are not seeing the changes that will help the youth and family be stable and lead pro-social lifestyles. So what is a parent to do?

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    1. Seek help from a counseling center, school, or minister.
    2. Read books and articles and watch TV programs on how to help your child.
    3. Reinforce the behaviors you want the child to do. You can reinforce with something that the youth received automatically in the past (such as TV or game time), but now has to earn by demonstrating certain behaviors, like coming into the house on time. Stick to your rules and don’t give in to the child’s upset at being deprived.

    4. Set good limits and boundaries for children, while giving them adequate love and nurturing.
    5. Enroll your children in positive community activities, especially if you work long hours. Adult supervision is very important to the well-being of youth.